The body of the McClary baseburner stripped down and repainted.
Nickel trim assembled.
Manufacturing info. on the McClary baseburner.
Front view.
Side View.

Kitchen annex ready to be used for coal or wood.

$250.00 US

Buck's Stoves Works box heater refinished. Stag head detail on firebox door.

$500.00 US

JAS Steward cookstove with gas conversion installed.

$400.00 US

Danby Perfection pot belly heater.

$350.00 US

Good Cheer cabinet range, center fire box, overhead oven, warmer on the side. Very unconventional

$4000.00 US

Beach gas range, gold enamel

$1250.00 US

Happy Thought radiant heater.

$500.00 US

McClary #45 Quebec heater, restored and renickeled.

$750.00 US

Viceroy green and cream enamel cookstove with oil burner conversion installed.

$400.00 US

Clare Jewel cream colored enamel cookstove with gas range conversion installed.

$400.00 US

Cylinder stoves awaiting restoration.

We will restore yours to it's former beauty.

We completely dismantle the stove or heater, checking and making any necessary repairs to the cast or metal. Welding or replacing parts as required in order to prepare the surface for cleaning. We use glass beads in our sand blaster to give a smooth and clean finish in preparation for painting and reassembling. Using a special formulated high temperature paint; each piece is painted as the stove is refinished. Slowly the stove takes shape. Nuts and bolts replaced. The body of the stove is complete again.

Next comes the nickel trim and accessories such as handles, trivets, and towel bars. Each piece inspected and carefully repaired where required. As these pieces are added the stove or heater takes on its beauty and uniqueness. The stove black against the polished nickel trim makes a beautiful addition to your home either as a functional appliance or as a fine piece of workmanship to admire.





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